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Mobile Application Development

The surging global adoption of smart phones, tablets and web-enabled handheld devices is changing the how, when and where consumers connect to digital content, creating the most dramatic shift in digital media consumption since the advent of the personal computer.

Today, businesses and consumers are increasingly taking advantage of mobility to access information that provide them with seamless user experiences. They expect data synchronization across platforms, real-time notifications, access to e-mails, reports and databases, geo-localization and much more. This has significant implications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Extending Corporate Applications to the Mobile Environment

Evolving from a mere messaging platform into an application platform, businesses are taking advantage of the technological advances of mobile development to engage mobile users. HTML5 based and native applications built for various platforms, now enable us to conduct secure transactions from everywhere. Potential benefits include higher workforce productivity, quicker informed decisions and accelerated sales cycle. Mobile applications can also significantly enhance the productivity of mobile employees. Some examples of mobile web application usage include providing field staff with status or work requests, updated inventory, order forms, product information and instruction, geo- location, news delivery and secure database access at point of activity. A mobile application can provide a rich user experience, especially since they are designed specifically for certain devices.

We are innovative in our approach and follow the iterative methodology to deliver smart mobility solutions to our clients.

Our Mobile Application Offering

Our software development services for mobile applications help organizations embrace business to employee (B2E), business to business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) business models.

Our offerings include a broad suite of custom packaged, cross-platform or enterprise solutions that address your critical mobility challenges. Combined with deep industry expertise, we support mobility and application software services across a wide range of devices and platforms including Android ™, iOS, Blackberry®, Linux, BREW, Windows® Mobile and Symbian. We understand what constitutes a mobile application and a compelling mobile web experience.

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AVIRO has a proven track record of developing and implementing application development solutions for customers in more than 20 business verticals across the globe.