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AVIRO helps enterprises chart a path to more Agile development and test organizations.

Are your software delivery efforts agile enough?

Agile development and testing have become core requirements for any company that depends on software-based services and products to serve its customers (and employees). While adoption may be high, the maturity levels of companies’ initiatives vary widely. And many organizations still have a long way to go to be Agile enough. The question is what is Agile enough and what is the best path to get there?

AVIRO can accelerate your agile evolution

We are digital natives focused on helping enterprises adapt to the new digital realties of the business world. Our team has helped delivery organizations transform the way they design, develop and test digital initiatives to deliver them faster and more efficiently while delivering higher service levels.

We help our clients accelerate their Agile initiatives by:

  • Assessing your current maturity levels compared to industry best practices
  • Identifying key short- and long-term opportunities in Agile based on their overall potential; business impact
  • Recommending the most effective roadmap and approach for increased Agile adoption based on your current organizational environment and structure
  • Providing a plan to ensure proper integration of Agile with other software delivery initiatives such as DevOps, Continuous Integration, Shift Left and Business-Defined-Development
  • Recommending the right tools and solutions to accelerate your Agile efforts