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Our journey has been eventful, designed for growth, and marked by numerous pioneering achievements with global rewards from our clients. We have made significant contributions to the professional services industry, in India and overseas.

Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations by striving hard, combining the expertise of our professionals and our infrastructure to deliver the right services for improved productivity and profitability.

We are ethically committed in providing, the unique technology solutions for success in the new digital economy. We specialize in creating a dynamic approach to building client process that utilize the power of Internet technologies and excels in the custom design and implementation.

We know the need for innovation, the need to cut costs, the need for multiple media delivery, mass media, interactive media, advertising accountability, advertising skipping technologies, and so on. Our business process and technology enhancements are providing new weapons for strategic differentiation.

Core Strengths:

We help our customers to innovate to use new ideas/technology or apply current thinking in different ways to result in healthy change

We bridge the business to technology gap, through Local consulting presence using industry professionals. Domain and process knowledge coupled with technology experience.

Combination of consulting, product knowledge and systems integration expertise.

Provide industry project and technology experience

Across convergence, workflow, content management, CRM, ERP, BI, outsourcing, process improvement and so on.

Bring Valuable lessons learnt from past project experience

On approach, process and technology

Ours are a safe pair of hands

Our blended approach reduces risk and provides a cost effective framework for outsourcing. We provide a mix of onshore, near-shore and off-shore service delivery with a truly global footprint.


Aviro is involved in original collaborative research and solution building around the latest technologies. Research could be driven by internal AVIRO goals or by customer requirements. One of the goals of the AVIRO is to help build showcase products based on research results.

AVIRO works in the following areas closely related to the business objectives of customers.

  • Telecommunication
  • Data Communication
  • Networking
  • Information Processing Algorithms.

AVIRO collaborates widely with academic institutions and research laboratories, both within India and in the US.